Mayuri Products, Inc.

The Food Packaging Distributor

Mayuri Products, Inc. is a distributor of single used food packaging material supplying  to restaurants,food service vendors,schools, hotels and retirement homes since 1998. Our packaging solution is used by  businesses providing "Food To Go" and "Food away from Home" services.


Our focused approach helps our customers to gain price, performance and presentation advantage.Our customer take advantage in selecting high quality paper, plastic, aluminum,bio-degradable and polystyrene products.

Our same day delivery option in the San Francisco Bay Area save them time,cost and search effort.  


Our employee take pride in 100% fill rate with most of  the  customers receiving products within 24 hours.


Why Mayuri Products?


Paper, PET, Polypropylene, Bio-degradable,  Aluminum material with wide variety of shapes & size.



Cost Saving Gas, Insurance, Manufacturer pricing Time Saving - Will Call, Save shopping time.



Optional Delivery Service Printing Service - Print your logo